No endless scrolling, algorithms or random reviews.

Just you & your friends sharing great TV shows & Movies. So you always have a recommendation from a friend when you need it. Because People > algorithms.


How to Epivore

Epivore isn't for everyone. We set it up that way on purpose. Small barriers keep the trolls out, so your feed can stay focused on one thing - what to watch.

  • Only add who you'd ask when you need a recommendation for what to watch. It's not for everyone, and that's okay.

  • Make recommendations, not reviews. Sharing what you loved, helps keep the focus on what to watch.

  • Keep one watch list, with context. Your list shows you who recommended it, and links to what they said.

  • Include the non-Epivore's too. Text your recommendations to friends who don't use Epivore with just one click.


Epivore - noun: someone who devours episodes

Finally a way to share shows and movies with friends and get recommendations that doesn't involve writing it down somewhere and remembering what they said!


I love that it's only people I know and have added. I search friends' profiles based on my mood, find recommendations for things I haven't seen, and get watching.


It's like TV Guide but with a community.


Getting your friends to join makes it so useful. Epivore solves a problem in a cool way putting people you trust over an algorithm.


Epivore your way

The website is free to use on mobile. Add it as a shortcut to your Home Screen for an easier experience. Or download the iPhone app and get access to a few extras.


All the core features, for free.

  • Made for mobile
  • Recommend
  • Keep your list
  • Add your fiends


Prefer an app instead? No problem.

  • Native iOS App
  • Recommend
  • Keep your list
  • Add your friends
  • Send text recommendations

Stop wasting time.
Start watching again.

Epivore makes it easy for you to find recommendations, not reviews.
From people you trust, not algorithms.